In stressful times what can we as teachers do?

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Dr John Worthington

Educational Consultant and Psychologist

Brisbane Australia

Discussion Notes prepared for West End State School

Traumatic Events, the Media and Your Child

The media has an overwhelming presence in our lives and in our school communities. It is advisable to place limits on what children see and hear in terms of traumatic world events. Children do not necessarily have to be sitting in front of the TV to be traumatised. They will be affected if the TV or radio is on in the background, when there are news updates or when there are newsflashes. Children will see pictures in the newspapers and may read captions or stories.

From: Suggestions for teachers and parents who are supporting children through the effects of the Indian Ocean Tsunamis, National Centre For Childhood Grief, 2004, URL: "

What does research tell us?

Viewing disastrous events can lead to more worry and stress in children.

The way children react depends on their age:

Teachers can: