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Dr John Worthington

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Brisbane Australia

Professional Services and Fees

Statement of Services

My private practice is based at the Marshall Lane Health Clinic, Brisbane, Australia and services are provided at a number of locations throughout Australia and elsewhere on demand. In this private practice I specialize in a range of consultation and assessment services to the medical and educational community in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

The services are offered in three related areas.

The first area of service involves the assessment and diagnosis of learning and related behavioural difficulties in individual clients from preschool age to the end of high school and adults with learning problems. This work is focused on individual assessments and interventions through clinics and on site visits. This type of intervention is aimed at producing a Cognitive and Developmental Learning Profile (C&DLP) ©. This is used to delineate the nature of the individual's strengths and difficulties, in areas such as pre-academic skills, academic skills, learning style, self-esteem, learning ability (intelligence), home and/or school behaviour.

The outcome of this individual assessment work is to provide objective and detailed results and program information to support the learner. Parents can make an appointment for a consultation. Referrals can also come from the medical profession, psychologists and educators (principals and specialist teachers in both the public and private sectors).

The key issues leading to the referrals of individuals include:

The service provided includes:

While all work is structured on an individual basis a typical assessment process involves:

Clinical services are offered in Brisbane at the Marshall Lane Health Centre (Kenmore). Clinical services are also offered at the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Cairns, North Queensland. Services are also offered elsewhere in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region by arrangement.

Typically an assessment involves 6-9 hours of work (2-3 hours of client contact and assessment, followed by 4-6 hours report writing) and as a result the time needed and cost of individual assessments varies.


Professional fees for services in Australia are based on the National Schedule of Recommended Fees provided by the Directorate of Professional Practice of The Australian Psychological Society.

The current 'typical' fee for a full psycho-educational assessment and report, including recommendations, in Brisbane is $1,950 to $2,250.

Services to government departments and agencies, and other organisations are generally quoted in advance where ever possible or else at a agreed hourly rate where the extent of the work cannot be established in advance.

Quotes for assessments and other services elsewhere in Australia and internationally can be provided on request.

Appointments can be made by phone, email, referral form or letter (address details below). Services are offered throughout the year and urgent referrals can usually be responded to within a few days if necessary. As a general rule clients need to be referred by an appropriate professional (family doctor, specialist doctor, psychologist, school principal, specialist teacher, class teacher, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, government department referral service, Australian Psychological Society, etc).

The second area of service is based on a short contract basis involving 1 - 10 days. On these short visits, services can involve a specific number of individual assessments, group testing and or school profiling. I have undertaken this type of work over several years with Somerville House School and St. Margaret's Anglican Girl's School. These services are offered throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. The cost for these services are quoted in advance on a task by task basis.

The third area of service is linked to my Ph.D. thesis on literacy research. In this work I present my recent research focusing on the results of the study and the implications for schools and teachers. The format can be varied to suit staff meeting summary type presentations (30-45 minutes), a lecture or in-service format (60-120 minutes). A modified parent focused presentation is also available for school communities (45-60 minutes). While all the material is copyright, individuals attending presentations will receive a summary of the content. Quotes for this work can be provided once the required format, length of session and number of participants is known.

In addition to the three areas of services detailed above I am available to undertake a range of lecturing and other school support and assessment activities. I can assist in areas of group assessments, in-service training or parental support on specific topics of interest such as: Early Literacy, Individual Education Programs (I.E.P.), Issues in Assessment, Report Writing, Behaviour Management, School Readiness and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Additional details of services, online referrals, academic qualifications, registrations, current activities (Book Shuffle), publications, PhD Abstract are available at www.jweducation.com.

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